Wednesday, July 29, 2009

There's No Place Like Home

Homeless, the equivalent of being without a home. More often than not, when you hear the term homeless you associate it with a person who has no home anywhere on the globe, no way of obtaining one, and no one close to them that has a home to share. With that said, what does the city of New York hope to prove with their latest antic. In an article I read earlier today (,2933,535241,00.html) NYC is buying all the homeless people that are stationed there a one-way plane ticket away from NYC. TO WHERE????? Where exactly are all the people going? If they are homeless in New York, I'm pretty sure they'll be homeless in Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, or anywhere else you send them. Wait NYC, I got an about we throw them in jail or dump them off a bridge? How about NO!!! This money being spent on plane tickets could be spent on recovery programs or the shelters (that cost too much according to the mayor), something to try to help these people. That is of course if in NYC they are still considered "people"....

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  1. That's fucked up man, smh. Unless you're contributing to society financially the government could give a shit about you. Instead of trying to find a solution to the problem they just continue to make it worse.