Monday, July 27, 2009

Man I Got That....SWAG???

The most overused word in the ghetto dictionary, SWAG. When describing a person's attributes, the typical categories normally include style, personality, charisma, etc. Style is most notably physical appearance. You judge a person's style by their hair, shoes, and/or clothes. The determining factor is based on whether those things are current or something different that was effectively pulled off or could be trendy. Personality is everything after style. Is the person funny, fun to be around, great to talk to, have a lot to offer, intelligent, etc. Charisma is the likeability factor, how well a person uses all those factors to make people want to be around them or like them. With that said, WHAT THE HELL IS SWAG? (a real site) defines it as the way one carries on self, a.k.a. mannerisms (and all the stuff mentioned above) to intelligent people. Swag is a weak interpretation of everything I talked about and is an urban replacement for them. Why? Is it because no one who uses it knows what any of those other words mean, can't comprehend them, or don't care? Sad but true. Or maybe people use it because its lot catchier than those other words, like the word nigga.........smh

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