Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Made in the 80s, Raised in the 90s (Part 2 of 8)

My dedication to the greatest decade ever continues. And with that I say this: Its not that I'm not a fan of the music scene these days, its just that it doesn't compare to the creative genius of artists from the 90s nor do artists have longevity nowadays. Lets not get it twisted, I'm no music guru...BUT I do know the difference between good and better. The 90s blessed us with Tupac (Keep Ya Head Up, California Love, the list clearly goes on) and Biggie (Juicy, One More Chance,etc.). We felt the presence of New Orleans with No Limit and Cash Money, the candid story that The Life and Times of Sean Carter provided, sick faces when people heard Illmatic. Everyone was constantly reminded what the hood was like on the 1st by Bone Thugs and Harmony. We saw Mary J's rise, demise, and climb back to top...the ageless Mariah Carey. We felt the originality of Outkast, Erykah Badu, and Busta Rhymes to name a few. Everyone enjoyed the plethora of "boy bands" such as Dru Hill, Silk, and Public Announcement. The world is still begging for a Fugees reunion. On that I'll end this segment (otherwise it would go on forever). Part 3 on the way.....

Love For Money OVER Love For The Game

Growing up in my time (the 90s) in the type of environment I grew up in (south side of Chicago), most young boys heading into their teens were more times than not presented with 2 options, join a gang or play ball. Some would say I'm exaggerating, but trust me, there's much truth in what I say. Anyway, most found basketball as a way out and eventually, like myself, fell in love with it. It was all I wanted to do and I had to win. I, like millions, adored and respected the game. That respect, admiration, and will to win is the driving force for a lot of people in the professional ranks. That's not my problem. My issue is with people like Hedo Turkoglu and Trevor Ariza. People like this have no loyalty, no respect. Their loyalties lie with their paychecks. For us real basketball fans it is a slap in the face. Most of us would kill for a chance to play pro ball, let alone have a shot at a championship. But, these guys are only concerned with how many MORE millions they are going to get. It is the reason for watered down competition and lack of rivalries that excited fans everywhere all the way until these last couple of years. It is a disappointment to me and loyal fans of the sport nationwide.

The Supermarket Expierence

Working the cash register at different jobs throughout the years has been quite an experience. Mostly a hilarious one. Aside from random occurences, I found 4 things that pretty much happen everyday.

1. You can say whatever you want to foreigners while at the register as long as you are smiling and do it politely. Because, I believe, odds are if they are with a friend they are talking about you in a language you don't understand and they probably only understand basic words in English and not insults. I'm not encouraging it but I'm just saying the opportunity is there and I would find it hilarious if it was ever done.

2. Why oh why do people swipe their credit/debit card like it has done something to them personally. What is all the anger about? Will the price lower if you swipe the card faster or harder? Answer=NO. Then people wonder why the stripe on their card doesn't work or why the numbers have to be typed in.

3.The Speedy Checkout unlike regular checkout lanes has rules. It has limitations. So when you look up and see the lane light on and then look a little further up and see the sign that reads "10 items or less", why do you glance at your 2 carts full of groceries and decide that this is the right lane for you? Do you not see the sign, can you not read the sign, or do you not care? It plays into a common stereotype but I won't go there right now.

4. Last but not least, it amuses me how people come to the register, check out, and then, for example, hand me the money and say "that's 40 dollars". Oh, because I'm not going to count it anyway. Oh ok complete stranger that I have never met in entire life, I trust that you handed me 40 dollars and I'm just going to slide it in my drawer all folded up and everyhing. That's not how it works, yet it happens like every 20 minutes.

As time goes on, I'm sure my list will grow.