Wednesday, July 29, 2009

There's No Place Like Home

Homeless, the equivalent of being without a home. More often than not, when you hear the term homeless you associate it with a person who has no home anywhere on the globe, no way of obtaining one, and no one close to them that has a home to share. With that said, what does the city of New York hope to prove with their latest antic. In an article I read earlier today (,2933,535241,00.html) NYC is buying all the homeless people that are stationed there a one-way plane ticket away from NYC. TO WHERE????? Where exactly are all the people going? If they are homeless in New York, I'm pretty sure they'll be homeless in Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, or anywhere else you send them. Wait NYC, I got an about we throw them in jail or dump them off a bridge? How about NO!!! This money being spent on plane tickets could be spent on recovery programs or the shelters (that cost too much according to the mayor), something to try to help these people. That is of course if in NYC they are still considered "people"....

The Vick Saga

I am known to most as a basketball fanatic, but lately football has become the apple of my eye. That can be accredited to all the controversy swirling around the sport. One of the main stories in the forefront revolve around Mike Vick. To inform anyone who didn't know, he suspended indefinitely by the NFL and served jail time for his involvement in dogfighting activities. Now, on to my point. Vick has been "conditionally" reinstated to the NFL. He can practice and play the end of preseason but no regular season games until Roger Goodell (the commissioner) makes a decision to allow him to do so. The story that they give us, the fans, is that this measure is being taken to monitor his behavior. Oh ok, as if his behavior was monitored enough in prison or while he was on house arrest. Oh, because he's going to be dumb enough to do the same thing again. The same thing that basically ruined his life. What are you monitoring? To make sure his doesn't jay walk or run a red light. NO!!!! This is a black athlete that was on top of his sport and one of the best at his position (a position dominated by white athletes foe decades) that made a mistake. And now, an example is going to be made of him. The lesson has been learned, the punishment endured. But yet he still has to jump through all these hoops. For what reason? Is it out of spite, anger, or sheer joy of demeaning the black athlete?

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


No long speech needed here. I'm just going to pose one question to be answered after viewing this video. Was it really that serious???

Monday, July 27, 2009

Man I Got That....SWAG???

The most overused word in the ghetto dictionary, SWAG. When describing a person's attributes, the typical categories normally include style, personality, charisma, etc. Style is most notably physical appearance. You judge a person's style by their hair, shoes, and/or clothes. The determining factor is based on whether those things are current or something different that was effectively pulled off or could be trendy. Personality is everything after style. Is the person funny, fun to be around, great to talk to, have a lot to offer, intelligent, etc. Charisma is the likeability factor, how well a person uses all those factors to make people want to be around them or like them. With that said, WHAT THE HELL IS SWAG? (a real site) defines it as the way one carries on self, a.k.a. mannerisms (and all the stuff mentioned above) to intelligent people. Swag is a weak interpretation of everything I talked about and is an urban replacement for them. Why? Is it because no one who uses it knows what any of those other words mean, can't comprehend them, or don't care? Sad but true. Or maybe people use it because its lot catchier than those other words, like the word nigga.........smh