Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Vick Saga

I am known to most as a basketball fanatic, but lately football has become the apple of my eye. That can be accredited to all the controversy swirling around the sport. One of the main stories in the forefront revolve around Mike Vick. To inform anyone who didn't know, he suspended indefinitely by the NFL and served jail time for his involvement in dogfighting activities. Now, on to my point. Vick has been "conditionally" reinstated to the NFL. He can practice and play the end of preseason but no regular season games until Roger Goodell (the commissioner) makes a decision to allow him to do so. The story that they give us, the fans, is that this measure is being taken to monitor his behavior. Oh ok, as if his behavior was monitored enough in prison or while he was on house arrest. Oh, because he's going to be dumb enough to do the same thing again. The same thing that basically ruined his life. What are you monitoring? To make sure his doesn't jay walk or run a red light. NO!!!! This is a black athlete that was on top of his sport and one of the best at his position (a position dominated by white athletes foe decades) that made a mistake. And now, an example is going to be made of him. The lesson has been learned, the punishment endured. But yet he still has to jump through all these hoops. For what reason? Is it out of spite, anger, or sheer joy of demeaning the black athlete?

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