Sunday, September 20, 2009


It could be me, but doesn't it seem like an invasion of these things. I personally despise bugs and have not found a single use for them. But these gnats have to be at the top of my list of bugs I hate as well as things I hate (along with fake shoes). I have never in my life seen so many of these little things. They are EVERYWHERE!!!!! It doesn't make it any better being tall, because they fly high. I feel like I gotta survey the area anytime I speak because I'm of them flying in my mouth when I talk. I've considered walking around with a torch so I could burn any and all of them straight to HELL. Does anybody feel my pain?

Ay Ye' Ye'

So its been about a week since the incident, perfect time for me to drop my 2 cents. I'm not going to debate whether or not what Kanye West did was appropriate. The answer is NOT (though I thought it was hilarious at first glance, sorry sue me). If you haven't seen it, click the link ( Anyway, as it supposedly turns out, the entire thing was a publicity stunt. Whether or not that was true, whats to say that this is where Kanye stops. Is this his last time doing this? What if Kanye had access to other venues to cause such madness. For entertainment purposes only, I sat and thought about these things. Whats to say he doesn't interrupt Brett Favre's retirement speech and says "I'm sorry Brett, but MJ retired more times to you". Maybe John Stockton's Hall of Fame speech with "I'm sorry John, but MJ is the greatest of all time". Maybe bust in on Magic Johnson while he announced his sickness blurting out "I'm sorry Magic, but Wilt had 20,000 girls, so he gotta have more diseases than you". I'm surprised he wasn't at the president's induction shouting I'm sorry Obama, but Bill Clinton was the best president of all time". His next appearance on 106th and Park, I am almost certain he snatches the mic from Terrence and Rocsi with this script to follow it "I'm sorry BET, but Yo MTV Raps is one of the greatest hip hop shows of all time". I'd like to talk to someone from his high school graduating class. Did he snatch the microphone form the valedictorian and say "I'm happy for you, but I had some of the highest test scores this year in the school". Every single interruption accented with a not so innocent shoulder shrug. Where does the madness end? Way to rep the Chi...