Sunday, October 4, 2009

There's No Place Like Home

The city that I without fear claim
The city that has brought much heartache and pain
The city where one can rise up to fame
Is now a city being burned down to flames
Fear in the city has never reigned so deep
The climb to non-violence and justice never looked so steep
Guns, weapons, and senseless crime pollute the city streets
No motive, no reason, you hope to achieve what feat?
That's for those who painted the city a cold black and blue
Running around, not giving a care, don't have a single clue
The bullets you shoot have no name, but trust their victims do
Tyrone, Percy, and Derrion (R.I.P.).....just to name a few
Give us back our city, give us our peace of mind
Give us back our joy, stop making it hard to find
Give us back our pride, give our city back its name
Chicago should never be a reason to hang my head in shame