Wednesday, July 8, 2009

R.I.P. "Air" McNair

I wanna take a moment to first, honor a great sports figure in Steve McNair. He represented hard for the struggling population of black quarterbacks in the NFL. His legacy will live on. But the issue I wanna address are the controversial circumstances surrounding his death. If you are not familiar with the story, please click the link ( This woman, though on the surface appeared normal, is a classic case of a woman scorned gone too far, which is equivalent to a crazy woman. As its reported she had financial problems (though having an affair with a millionaire) and was distraught about the lack of a long-term relationship with McNair (though married with 4 kids). Also, she was jealous of another affair he was supposedly having. Through all of this, she never accepted (or even understood) the role of the sideline chick, because that's all she was. Then there's the media. They of course are gonna do him in, because that's just what they do to black stars. But, one headline that I was just outright offended by was "How would they mourn McNair?". Granted he made a mistake by being unfaithful, unfortunately a costly one, but that statement went beyond that. The media is trying to discredit his legacy as a star in a very tough professional league and all he's done for his community. In short, its unfair and unnecessary. He will be mourned as the McNair the fans knew him to be, not the McNair the media wants us to see. Prayers go out to the family, and we'll see your name sooner than later in the Hall of Fame.

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