Sunday, July 5, 2009

The Misuse And Abuse Of Leggings

I chose this to be my first topic because its been on my mind for a while now. My life is fashion mostly on the Men's side of things. But as I occasionally keep tabs on the women side of the fashion world and the one constant is leggings. I originally saw them as only being used to compliment a dress and/or accessories and occasionally a long shirt that was made into a one piece outfit. As time went on I felt it got outta hand. Why you ask? First they evolved from a compliment to a big part of an outfit. Leggings started to replace pants. Based on the stretchy spandex materials I don't see why women just wouldn't wear their underwear outside, I mean its not much difference. Then little kids got a hold of them. They started wearing them under jeans shorts/skirts and half the time the colors didn't match anything they had on. Then comes the outrageous colors/materials (i.e. gold leggings, leather leggings). The queens of the fashion game need to restore order because it will only get worse....

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