Friday, August 7, 2009

Made In The 80s, Raised In The 90s (Part 1 of 8)

I have decided to dedicate a blog topic to the greatest decade in the common era, that's right the 90s. I felt I should split it into sections because there is so much to touch on (and it would be too long to read at once). Moving on, I felt it was only right to start off with the different words and phrases that the 90s blessed us with. It brought us such phrases like "bling bling", "whats on yo bird?", "talk to the hand", and "all that and a bag of chips". Anytime we like something we would yell it was "da bomb" or "crucial". Every time we beat out one of our friends in anything we get in their face and scream "boo ya!". People didn't feel treated, they were "salty". Whenever a mistake is made we say "my bad", even to this day. Being dressed nice was referred to as "fly", "fresh", or "jiggy". People didn't get beat up, they got "murked". Old folks refer to a beautiful woman as a "tenderoni". Random questions like "Who's your daddy?" ruled the times. The 90s also forever changed the simple white tank top into a "wife beater". Those are just a few I came up with, I'm sure there are millions more not listed. Stay tuned for Part 2....

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